Daisy Sims Hilditch

Lockdown Portfolio 2020

01/04/20 - 11/09/20

A body of work that was inspired by my time in Cornwall during the lockdown. What a strange time it was, but the uncertainty of everything made me want to paint more than ever to find the beauty in my surroundings and everyday objects so as to transport others to a world of colour and light during difficult times.

I found myself in Cornwall for what I imagined would be a few weeks of lockdown. After a few months, my mother, father and I were still there, and enjoying a somewhat quieter and more wholesome life than the mad rush of before. This time of lockdown gave me a wonderful opportunity to paint the beauty of my surroundings in Cornwall and I thrived off the serenity of the local landscape, the quiet beaches and crashing waves that I was able to observe and enjoy at a slow pace without being obliged to rush off to the fast pace of life as I know it usually. This time as a painter is invaluable I have come to believe, to spend time with a subject, to get to experience it day in and day out in order to capture it with integrity and passion. I do hope you will enjoy the body of work below that ranges from first light from cliff tops to leaden storm clouds building over distant headlands.

This exhibition has come to an end.