Daisy Sims Hilditch
Morning colours by the gate, Panzano

Morning colours by the gate, Panzano

Painting Ref. DSH-320-2016
30cm x 40cm
Oil on Panel
September 2016, Italy

I painted this over a few mornings whilst on a pleinair trip to the beautiful Tuscan village of Panzano. I remember being touched by the light on the building beyond the gateway which slowly crept down the wall to the right as the morning unfolded. I liked the contrast between the shaded driveway and the light beyond in particular. Each morning an old man called Luciano came out and chatted to me in Italian and finding him an intriguing character, I eventually asked him to pose for a portrait infront of this gate. He had a wonderful character and although it was only a quick 10 minute sketch I really enjoyed trying to capture that.