Daisy Sims Hilditch
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Selected for the 2016 BP Portrait Awards

Monday 23 May 2016

Daisy’s portrait “Alessandra” (pictured right) has been selected to exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the 2016 BP Portrait award.

The portrait was painted over a period of 7 weeks from life under natural light, using the sight size method. Working over a period of seven weeks allowed Daisy to capture a complex range of Alessandra’s emotions.  This gives the portrait a certain time lapse quality that cannot be captured in a single shot. This gives the work a depth and enigmatic quality that encourages the viewer to revisit again and again and discover different aspects of Alessandra’s character.

Daisy says, “As the portrait progressed I found myself studying the many fleeting expressions that travelled through her face daily. I was constantly interpreting these whilst standing close but then making sure I stood at the very back of the room in order to capture the overall light effect that can only be seen from a distance. This to me is one of the most exciting challenges of working from life; making the painting work as a whole and from a distance but also capturing the sitters inner emotions during that period of their life.”